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the TAP project

the ZOMBIES project

the SKATEBOARD project

the PIXAR project

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If you know about this project, that’s great!! Otherwise, we can’t say much about this script as it has been optioned and is currently in development. What we can say is that this story is incredibly entertaining and funny and it takes 3D to a new level. It’s 3D plus one. So if you’re a science major and you just added another dimension, you know what we mean.

SKATECROSS is a film that tells the moving
story of two young brothers who create an exciting new kind of skateboard racing. It  started out as an independent film but we actually invented a new style of skateboard and the company Kroxss was formed. The new Kroxss boards will be released into general distribution soon. You can check out Kroxss at




If you work in Hollywood, you’ve probably seen this script, or at least read some pieces of it. “Invasion Of The Mambo Zombies” was written in the 90‘s for Phil Hartmann and has been optioned several times by several different companies. We like to call it the funniest film ever not yet made. It is a satire of communist paranoia sci-fi films of the 1950’s and it pokes fun at Star Wars and several other classic sci-fi films. To check out a little script sample - click here!

the PRISON project

Bill is developing a prison reality show with some very controversial elements. In conjunction with his video diary work, Bill is creating a whole new way of trying to discover the truth behind a prisoner’s story. For details please email Bill, or his manager, Joseph Eaton.

It’s tap like you’ve never seen
it before. Raw and full of soul. From cutting contests to battles to broadway. World famous choreographer and dancer Chloe Arnold, PBS producer Judy Lieff, and Bill are in pre-production for a Tap Dance show that highlights the struggles and triumphs of Tap Dancers in cities all across the US. For info contact Bill, Judy Lieff, or Chloe Arnold. Check out some great tap at